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Hello guys.
It's good to see you all again. I used to play this game like 2 years ago and i was a 10th dan black belt. i just thought i leave because i had issues with things in real life. but then i thought i just stop playing and get on with other things. but 2 years later i got bored so i joined again. some of yous may remember me as Aidan. you heard right. aidan. i joined under a new name but yet i have forgotton most of my moves and i lost all of my stuff. i used to be a badass toribash player back then. but not anymore... yet i will still be on my way to become myself again

It's a real honor to be playing toribash again and i hope some of you who remember me as aidan will hopefully play online with me.


Oh and by the way, if you dont reconize me still, here is the link to my old profile ===>
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i used to play toribash under the name aidan like 2 years ago. and now i'm back but under a new name: Knife123.
Sorry, I have no idea who you are, I had the same thign happen to me though but somone else sold my account about 4 years ago, remember anyone by the name of BIBBLES, anyways I was a 4th dan and welcome back!