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hey everyone
hey guys, i am kinda new on toribash, mainly on the forum, i am 15 and the most cool thing for me in toribash, is texture creation, at all i have no idea how to do it i really like to play, aikido and taekkyon tourneys and i what to make some friends here.
so.... that´s all folks
I do aikido,would you like to be my friend.I mainly am in quick aikido but most of my time. At anytime if you wanna play let me know i wanna play to with new players.
Hi ! welcome to toribash! you like to draw textures? that's great! how about downloading some guides for you to draw. you can find it at the texture in the market tab.... try exploring the forum it'll be fun! i hope it helped you because i cant help you at fighting. :3 just passing by....
Just passing by... t('-'t)