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Most points 1 frame
I get points on the first hit and points on the second frame of the last hit, but subtracting those, I think I broke the "most points in 1 frame record"
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That's pretty beast. I'm proud to call you my leader.
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Goddamn it...

Well... looks like i have to fuck around with a new replay...

I'll break it

Just have to waste another 5 months trying to break this thing :|

RIP [duck] Aug 28 2011 - April 20 2020
Whoa. Nice one.


Poor Rfifan. :c
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Right now im looking for something that could be haxed

Because this seriously cannot be happening

What i find even more depressing is that when i broke this record way back when, people seriously didn't give two shits about me breaking it... And then orko breaks it by about 10k and people shit bricks

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I think we got a bit out of the topic
Nice record, I tried to do it and got 2k like a baws.
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Anyway, I'll add the updated record now.