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about players who left toribash
theres a lot of player just play for a while and left from toribash,and they occupy a lot of server memory and a lot of good names,like "tori",its been use by a player only play 5 games and left player.
so i think this is not so good,we should fix it.
and theres my idea:
u can send players didnt play for 1 years ago a email to ask them do they still want the account,if they say no or didnt answer for 1 mouth(if there isnt answer and the account is very good,maybe u can keep them),u can delete his account,and if they say yes,dont delete their account(if it didnt use for higher than 3 or any years do u want,i think u can delete it,cuz i dont think they really want it).
yeah i know maybe its cruel but i think its useful..
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