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Toribash Lions Logo
Hi, I'm looking for someone to make me a clan logo for my clan, Lions.
  • Style: Classic, Vintage, Old Fashion.
  • Make the logo not that big, make it 500x500 or 512x512 or maybe smaller because those sizes look perfect on forums.
  • Leave the lion drawing at the top of the shield.
  • Motto Design: Similar as you see in the example image at the bottom of the shield.
  • Motto: "Morsus Mihi". (Change the date to this at the bottom of the shield)
  • Shield Design: Just an ordinary shield shape, wave design at the top of shield then curves to a point at the bottom, Make the outline of the shield yellow/gold.
  • Shield Elements: [dog] clan logo (just the O in dog with the dog's face) placed in top left corner of the shield and a symbol/element of a drawing of a tiger's face in white with a yellow/gold crown on it's head, put the tiger's head on the bottom right.
  • Colors: White (Top left), Navy Blue (Top right), Green (Bottom Left), Red (Bottom Right)
  • Leave the top right and bottom left of the shield blank in their stated colors please as this might change to future alliances.
I want this logo is high quality so it looks smooth and not pixelated.

Main example

We can discuss prices when we chat on discord but I'm looking to spend around 80k TC - 150k TC: maxy#0291
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I'm on it :thumbsup::skintone-5:
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I'm on it :skintone-5:

it better be worth my TC, life
Here is the [dog] logo that I would like to be put on the top left of the shield with white background

dog logo

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