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Best formal Introduction of the Week

Aspire presents his one of his other and amazing Events.
A Lucky New Member who posted an outstanding introduction about him or herself, will get awarded! So its basically an introduction event. Go Go Go!
If He Posted A Good Introduction

Event Prizes:
1st Place: 7,000 ToriCredits
2nd Place: 3,000 ToriCredits
May increase if anyone sponsors me in either TC or items.

Event Rules and Regulations:
Qualified Participants
-Have a good or oustanding grammar and a wide range of words.
-Follow The Right Format By "quickcement" given below:

*Note: You can put it in a paragraph form. I'll have a better chance of picking you
ToriBash Username:
Education / Qualification:
Occupation(if you are still a student leave this blank):
Your Hobbies:
Your Goals:
Your Goals in ToriBash: (specify)
About Yourself : (About 100 Words)
Why You Joined ToriBash: (About 100 Words)
Why You Like To Post On The Forums: (About 100 Words)
I'm ----- ----- from the Philippines. I'm 13 years old and study in a top class school. I am in the 7th Grade and favorite subject is either math or science. So in ToriBash, as you can see my username is named Aspire and I am a 10th Dan Black Belter. One of my better and sufficient goals in ToriBash is to be well-known,rich and respected. Another is to either be in the Promo Team, Super Moderator or just be a local moderator of the Nabi School. I first heard ToriBash when one of my best friends started to show me this really awesome game called "ToriBash" At first, I did not like it due to its hard and sophisticated moves and "styles". Soon, I was able to master atleast one of the mods which is Judo. I later moved to a more "decent" and "adaptable" mod which is aikido and in present still my favorite and best mod. Posting in the forums makes me more prepared for real life and its problems. Making choices in either not to post here or not. It also helps me to become an "amaetur" businessman which I may someday become one.

Judging and Choosing methods:
-Best Introduction Of The Profiles
-Creativity & Presentation Will Be Considered While Judging
-So Make It As Pretty As Possible

Event Organizers:

Weekly Winners:
Week 1: MGUNIT as First Place, Phishy as Second Place
Week 2: NO WINNER for first place, NO WINNER for second place
Week 3: RageandGrace as First Place, Beylie as second place
Week 4: Disc and Casshern09 for first place, NO WINNER for Second place.
Week 5:

Congrats to the past winners.
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