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Official Spirit Wrestling Server
Hey, me and some other people were wondering if you guys could implement a spirit wrestling server because I think it is very unique and similair to actual folk style wrestling. Alot of wrestlers would be happy to see a wrestling server on your list of official servers to help it grow
There was actually an official server for spiritwrestling. Sadly, it was most of the times empty.
Would love to see it back as I think it's an awesome mod! Supported.
Your messed up world enthrills me
I would like to see spiritwrestling back on the official servers I found it to be a completely different style to Aikido or Judo favoring more leverage and movement techniques over shovels and DMs. I personally find that provides a more tactical match that the DM's and high turn frames of basic Judo and the high power strike games of the Aikido I've played.
Request the room in the public server mod rotation thread in Rapid Threads.
It may get added.