After Toribash is out on Steam I assume that all steam payment methods will be supported for buying stuff in Toribash. Not more, not less.
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JuicyTin, this video should explain it well.

As for Bitcoin being a viable currency for buying TC, I think not. Bitcoin has always seemed like a bit of a silly fad to me, because those who don't want to get involved still end up in a bad spot, because of the AMD graphics cards becoming much more expensive. If people wanted to use Bitcoins to buy TC, I'm sure they could just trade the Bitcoins for real money, and plus, anyone selling TC on their own free will could have Bitcoin as a payment option, if they see fit, or you can offer if they don't say.
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Some tc seller already accepting bitcoin.

I don't think so. I dunno any.
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The rate will be kinda silly because ppl mine them for free

You can't mine them for free. To get any significant or good mining results, you need special bitcoin mining machines.