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Toribash Action Figures
Hey guys, was in school, and couldn't get Toribash Action Figures off my mind, I know one has been made before in around '09 but wasn't available for commercial sale or something like that..
I saw the pics of it and it did look really cool, what I was thinking, was why not bring them back? It'll increase the population of TB and it'll be really fun to play with if you're away from your computer, whether it's playing around however you want, or designing moves to try in-game, you'll always have TB with you.
I was thinking of if they get made, they can come with a special code that unlocks something on toribash, whether it's a few thousand TC or a full set of item textures, or maybe even an achievement..
Another idea relating to this, was, what if you incorporate some of the main staff members with their full texture sets for a slightly higher price?
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This is a fantastic idea.
Of course, one that is articulated, if mass produced would be a great toy, even by itself, without its relation to TB, but could get people attracted to TB from a very young age. Of course, investors would be needed for such a project to come to life.

Either way, this is a great idea.

Supported 100%
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I'd buy if it was real, but not only one, I would buy at least two or three Action Figures to make them fight each other and support this idea.

Supported 100%
This is a good idea

It will increase the population in toribash more ppl more mods and servers

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Not sure how good shapeways is with colors, but my inclination is that it's probably better just to paint it on.

I advise painting, their coloured stuff is incredibly fragile.

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totes forgot about it

the assemble one was designed to move the same way as tori does, though I'm not 100% sure the pieces would even FIT together, let alone be movable.
also didn't label the sprue, but you can figure it out if you're handy.

you can attach them with split pins or rivet them together.

You COULD print it out yourself if you wanted to but the resolution would be iffy at best, so the small bits connecting the bits together would probably fall off or not print at all.

TIP: if you're gonna paint this, get the hres model, and order the White Flexible and POLISHED one, it doesn't leak colors like the other white flexible.
This is a awesome idea, i would buy a toribash action figure in a second. But the biggest selling point i could think of is if you could special order your toribash figures with the textures that you have added to your character. i know it is a long shot but it would be amazing to be able to physically play with your character.
Lets get the orphans too

...Erm, I mean could you make a model of every hair and have it be able to attach to the tori?
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great idea i always wanted to see an action figure of me jk would be nice if there was an action figure of every toribash player O_o
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great idea i always wanted to see an action figure of me jk would be nice if there was an action figure of every toribash player O_o

I want a life sized one.

But really im not sure this could happen unless the players started mass producing or some shit along with like 50k orphans