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Operator password
You know how sometimes you forget how to set up an owner pass on a server? When you quit for a second and come on and no one is opped? Well I thought of something.

How about every time someone makes a server it says, do /set owner <password>?

Or have the server recognize the one who created it, if they aren't op, for it to op them?

This is just a simple idea which popped into my head.

I do not support this, if you cannot remember to set a password, then why should you keep the room? Just sayin
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This is very helpful,And i disagree to DeakManiac.People with low internet speeds often get disconnected because of some issuses,And when they create a server,it sometimes becomes a hassle,It's also not easy to remember a password when you just recently created it.
what , are people really that retarded to remember password ?
use /setowner password >.>

also i had the worst internet ever (200b/s) once , i'm not pinging

so not supported
For Broadband user,(Like me) I Tend to ping alot whenever i play at morning(Not early morning)


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Calling people stupid/too dumb to keep a room isn't going to help get your point across.

Well done, you can remember to put a password, now was there any use in posting about it?

In extension to your idea, I think users should be able to set a default owner pass for whenever they join a server. Maybe it could match their actual password. This way there is no way they can lose access to the room that they have created.

Although candidates would be advised to change it upon joining a server i think this idea works as a safety net for those who don't.
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This game is designed for people's of all intellects to enjoy. This include younger children (don't give me argument that this game is too violent for children please). The game should try to do all it can to make the game easier to enjoy as long as it does not damage the game. We should not punish users for being forgetful because they are playing and supporting this game by watching ads and donating.
Thank you.