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Clarifying Infractions
When I went through a shitposting phase, I got a lot of infractions, the messages tend to be very articulate on which rule was broken and what I did wrong but they seemed particularly vague on the description of what an infraction does, how many you could get and what type of infractions were worth more, they just explain that too many will result in restrictions. Although this might not make a massive difference to those who don't make stupid posts, perhaps being more specific on what infractions were would prevent young inexperienced shit posters from exentualy assuming they make no difference and take less heed of them (as I did before I was banned for a day and smartened up my act).

I know this wouldn't be a big change but I am sure it wouldn't be do hard to just make the infraction message more specific. It is fine how it is but I believe improvements would be worthwhile.
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Just make all automated infraction messages include a hyperlink to this, and/or reserve a spot below the "latest infractions recieved" place in cp.

Like this

In addition to that, how about letting people see their own deleted posts and the reason for deletion?
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how many you could get and what type of infractions were worth more

Infraction work in a simple way: if you get them then it's bad.
You don't have to count your infraction points to find out how many other rules you can break until you get banned, you just go read them and stop breaking them. Simple as that.

If you are still wondering though, you get the first ban when you have 5 active infraction points.
At this point in my toribash forum experience I have already found out what infractions do and know the rules of the sub-forums I use anyway so the target audience of the change would not be people like me, it would be newbies who had not heard the word "infraction" before and are likely to break rules more than once (often using trial and error to work out how far they can bend the rules rather than just taking them to be concrete and accepting them) eventually feeling like their actions have little consequence. I feel like the only thing to be discussed here is how many newbies exist who are likely to pay more attention to infractions if they were explained more. People who break the rules obviously don't agree with the rules most of the time so just telling them the rules they disagreed with and broke won't necessarily always work.

Then again, I only have my personal experiences of infractions to go by so my suggestion might be useless. And (to whoever fixed it) sorry for initially failing to title this thread informatively, that was stupid.
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List of what each infraction /ban is worth.

In regards to individual rule breaking Useless posts are 2 points, very serious useless post is 4 post.
Not sure about the rest though.
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Dude read the thread. Link already been posted by lazors, but for some reason the link is not in the infraction message itself. I don't feel like shit posters will always check FAQ for what an infraction is. It is a small change for a small problem. The point is that I can't see any reason for it not to be there.
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Just make all automated infraction messages include a hyperlink to this

This, if anything. It's far from a high priority though, we'd be just as fine either way.
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The point is that it is an easy change, not that it would revolutionise the forum.
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Added the link to that Toribash FAQ thread to automated message that gets sent, anything else you suggest to add there?
Maybe some advice on how to avoid doing it in the future? It may've been suggested already, or it may even already be implemented. Just a side thought.