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Toribash Hubs and New Attactments
I would like to have a toribash hub where u can walk around using the arrow keys and W,A,S,D talk. There would be akido dojo's teakyon areas and many fighting mods located around the area and players would go to each dojo and wait there for another player to come fight them or there could be buildings u can parkour on. Also there can be some amazing tournaments where u can taunt the people fighting and they can see you surrounding the dojo. This will look amazing in the game because u will see real time battles as you walk around the hub. I also think I the beginners will love this and one more thing the hub will have actual stores located in the hub for example a force and relax color store or a texture store or a hair store.

Now the New attachments
I will like to see these new attachments
A clan emblem that can be placed anywhere on the tori and they will be like holographic emblems or they can be 3d emblems

Electric sigil: This Attactments will allow the tori to have electricity charges around his body

Wings: This will allow the tori to have real 3d wings on their body they can make it any color.
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I hate the negativity this is receiving, for all those who think lag is an issue, its not, you don't need actual toris with full joints to walk around, you just need a player model, I like the idea a lot, I just want to see some more constructive arguments
In itself, G23's idea is not really bad, but it's not quite beneficial, either. Though there may be new game mechanics, the devs would need to make an entirely new game engine from scratch to run the MMO-like portion separately (or simultaneously) from the Toribash we all know and love.

This idea would be great if it were a separate game though :/
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