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ability to alter opponents ghost.
The title probably sounds pretty confusing but i think that it would be pretty useful if there were a way to alter the opponents ghost so you could hypothetically predict their moves and see if what you are doing is actually countering it. I don't think it would require all that much new coding.

I think you could allocate a specific key to enable/disable and "altering" mode where you could change your opponents ghost in the mode and disabling it would show you the ghost that would happen if your opponent changed nothing.
The reason I don't support this is because in order to be able to adjust their move, you'd have to see what they're doing at that moment, and that would take out the whole idea of not knowing immediately, for any good player.

It could be good for training though in hindsight of saying all that.
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shit, you're right. the only time i've ever thought it would be super useful would be with grabs, which would obviously work because grab states are shown. i think that this is probably too niche to be a thing but i think it would still be nice!
for one it would take way too long to do your own move in accordance to your opponents new ghost. Unless you mean alter the opp ghost by just doing your own move, just do /realtimeghost 1.
This would be better to practice in single player

You already can do this in single player, however, it could be good for a teaching standpoint in private servers. I just see it being exploited in bet and war servers like realtimeghosts have been.
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in conclusion, i think you should rethink this whole thing and come back later with a more thought out suggestion
not supported in this state

I know it can be implemented. But I'm not sure if it would be a good addition to the game or not. At the moment it seems pointless. For competitive matches, you barely have time to adjust one Tori, let alone adjusting two. Besides that, I would recommend ideas that are the opposite of this, ideas that give the game more time for thinking and psychology instead. And for co-operative matches like sparring, it would be easier and better to just let the players see real time ghosts. ( which really should to be implemented )
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as for the players that spend a solid 5 seconds a turn wondering whether what state their opponent will leave them in due to possible grab glitches, simply letting go, etc etc?
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Just two cents, you can predict ungrab movement in abd by pressing g and watching the single ghost with both of your own hands ungrabbed. It's something already doable