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Hello people of earth, and beyond.
I'm Natalie Dee. I'm from 30 years old, and live in columbus, ohio. I'm an agnostic with an open mind; and was recommended to Toribash this by one of my friends/fans. One of my main talents (in my opinion) is art. Some of my older works is at I'm a pretty laidback person, and have been known to give some pretty good advice. I don't take shit, and have an awesome dog named Chester! Well, that's all for now. Hope to see some of you around.
Welcome, hope i to see you ingame, and have some games.

Edit: nice art!
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Welcome, hope i to see you ingame, and have some games.

Edit: nice art!

Thanks! I'm not very good at the game.. but I'm sure, i'll have fun around the forums.
You're really 30 years old? That's a really rare sight.
You should try to join OLDA :v
EDIT: I checked your art, because everyone else seems to be saying that they're quite nice...
And yes, they're right, it's amazing! Gotta check more of them sometime... :v

Welcome to Toribash Community! Hopefully you'll enjoy this humble community! ;)
If you need any kind of help, don't hesitate to ask...
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Welcome to Toribash community Rosebush! ^^

Also, your art work rocks :O

(And you don't have to be good at the game to get wealth in toribash nowadays. You'd probably earn lots of toricredits by using your artskills.)
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Holy shit! I'm a huge fan! I'm really quite surprised to find someone such as yourself here in Toribash. Well, enjoy your stay! I have a feeling it'll be quite short
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You seem like an awesome person, I'm sure you'll like it here :B

Loving your art ^^
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Why hello there!

As just about everyone has said, your artwork is pretty awesome. If you pick up texturing, I'm sure you'd do well... though you're probably quite busy with your comic already. If you've got any questions, do feel free to PM me with them.

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Hello, welcome to the toribash forums.


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