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Anyone willing to guide/help me in digital art?
my art sucks was wondering is someone can give me pointers/tips or actually take their time to show me

My weak points are
but my main weak point is shading
everything always looks flat and i try to shade and it just gets even worse :u

and what are good art programs?
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Hey there! Are you looking for advice on Toribash related art or simply digital art overall?

Also what type of digital art are you talking about? There are loads of different programs that suit different types of art, but generally people find GIMP quite useful and it is completely free.
Paint tool sai is pretty good imo.
If you want art guidance you better ask in toribash artists united org :
They are all good artists and will guide you pretty well
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
i mean Toribash related digital art head texture specifically

thanks for the link Alpha i'll try to upload some of my work and use their pointers soon
Um, don't make your heads in that stupid 1024x512 ratio, make them in 512x512, it makes them look nicer c; -snip-
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Um, don't make your heads in that stupid 1024x512 ratio, make them in 512x512, it makes them look nicer c; -snip-

but 512 makes it harder to map
Photoshop, you can get it for free, just follow a YT tutorial on how to get it. Pull the texture templates from google, they help allot, use a brush that mimics the movement of a real paintbrush, my favourite brush is labelled: 'round angle low stiffness'. If you want to make shading, choose a colour darker than the base colour, turn the opacity of the brush down to around 20-2% and slowly build up the darker tones where you want them by repeatedly going over the areas you want to be darker. Also keep in mind that it takes ages to get good, Iv'e been doing graphic design for a few years now, and art all my life, when i was a kid i would get angry because i couldn't draw what i could picture in my head, my mum told me "you don't become an artist overnight" and its stuck with me, the hardest part is to keep going, and don't be picky about how your art turns out
These are perfect examples of the technique i just talked about, i made these art pieces using the brush method i talked about, the method works with colour also.


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