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I decided to learn BASIC because I deserve to suffer. Program ideas?
So recently I made a little program that gave me every possible 16:9 screen resolution between 320x240 and 1920x1080, and I felt like using BASIC because I found my old TI-84 and wanted some nostalgia. But then I got to thinking about how it seems every great programmer got their start playing around in BASIC on their C64 or ZX Spectrum and figured since I never made any progress in C++, Python, or x86 assembly, maybe I just need to get to basics. But problem is I'm dumb, and can't really think of any simple programs to make. I was thinking of maybe making a library program to keep track of my books, but maybe that's a bit too much for my peanut brain Any ideas would be appreciated and thanked with no less that 12 photographs of ghosts I found in the woods(you can't see them cus their gosts).