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Can't load non-standard mods from mod menu.
I've been having this issue with Toribash for a while now, where I can't load mods, such as laser_survival_a, or parkour mods, or fun mods, etc, from the mod menu. I can only load mods that are in multiplayer servers, such as wushu, judo, etc This has been happening ever since I reinstalled it and I don't know what to do. Below is everything I have tried so far:

Tried /rec after going into a server (it just puts me back in the server, but it doesn't load any other mod).

Uninstalling and reinstalling the game (didn't work).

Verifying game files. Shows that there are always some missing files. If I verify the game files and then play the game, nothing is fixed, I can't load any non-standard mods, but when I close Toribash and re-verify the game files, it still says that there are game files that are missing. Wtf?

Getting Toribash from the website instead of from steam (didn't work).

Manually going into the data/mod folder and forcing .tbm files to open with Toribash (only thing that works, but is a pain in the ass and defeats the purpose of the mod menu).

Looking in the firewall to see if something is blocked (nothing appeared to be blocking Toribash).

Tried getting rid of the download cache (didn't work).
If there is anything that you think I haven't done right or should retry please let me know.