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TBA#1 Toribash Boxing Association first event!
First TBA Fighting Event! We still have room for who want to join preliminary fights!

Main event: Youngsnail vs Mainland

Prelims: (for now)
xmajedz0 vs supatroop10

How many rounds does a match have?

Normal Event: 4 rounds of 350 frames.

Main Event: 6 rounds of 350 frames.

What is the reward for winning a match?

Normal Event: 100 TC (winner) 50 TC (loser).

Main Event: 450 TC (winner) 250 TC (loser).

How are points they are given?

TKOs Number ; Head Movement (dodges) ; Significant Strikes/Number of Strikes.

Entry Fee:

TBA members: 350 TC.
Non TBA members: 400 TC.

join our discord: https://discord.gg/PFhFwx6H
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3. You may charge entrance fees for events but 100% of the entrance fees must go towards the prize. No profiting off events.

please update your reward structure to reward 100% of the entry fee to reward pool.
I'll have this open for 24 hours before I close it.
Good luck.
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list0 on Discord, reach out for inquiries.
Or send me a private message, I'm responsive.

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