opener was smooth, i appreciate how you transitioned smoothly from a planted foot to the toe launch to make it more natural

your arm movement could have done more to accentuate the crowd awakener (?) (i’m dumb) that you did, great idea tho

the low cork/misleg was fine, this gives you a lot of power to work with so I was a little underwhelmed with your choice to swing into another cork, albeit a well executed variation

the cheat setup was pretty much perfect, as i’d expect from you, and i appreciate the decision to maintain such strict form during the twist. I guess it’s just lacking a bit of style that would satisfy my personal tastes

donutboy was dope and probably the most memorable part of the replay to me, great choice there that really spiced up the replay

as one of this games fastest improving players of all time you continue to improve rapidly and i look forward to seeing what you do next