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My Messy Replays
Just the rejects of my pile, i usually don't post them because they need refining, but hey, I'm bored. There's quite a few, just rate and the few good points, and the probably quite large amount of bad points, and rate from there

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messy1.rpl (121.3 KB, 9 views)
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fun with ukes head: The bashing of uke actually is alright. The namesake headplay isn't, unfortunately. It looks way better, let alone shows more skill, to hit the head and keep it in the air than just hold on to it.
mehhh: Meh... It's allright. I don't like how you keep the elbows horizontal for such a long time, but that's just me. Also, nubclapping ("punching" with your hand grabbed) is to be avoided, since it makes dismembering ridiculously easy and yields bad-looking replays.
messy1: Messy it is. A lot missed hits really choke this replay. It's not all bad though, but as you said, unrefined. I noticed that you made a common mistake with that knee, and since I'm bored and it's so quiet around the replays subforum today, I edited the strike to show how a knee strike can be used effectively. The trick is to have the knee partially extended and only contract it while driving it into uke. If needed (if the knee is dismembered), you may need to hold or relax the joint for a frame or two, or even extend it right before impact. Of course, most of the effectiveness of any strike should come from aiming, which you seem to have already grasped.
rawrrr: A nice and compact one hit replay. Actually I find this replay the best of the bunch so far. The worst flaw I can find here is the ghosting. You lodged your forearm into your hip for a long time, and that doesn't look good. In fact parts passing through other parts is bad even if it's hardly noticeable, and if you don't profit from it. As for the pose, excellent balance! Better than mine, in fact, and I'm not exaggerating.
refined, pose: not that refined in my humble opinion. It has some serious ghosting, and there's a very shameless nubclap, that you seem to have tried to mask. I don't know if you could have known, but you do now. It's also stiff throughout. Another common mistake included in this one is holding on to large chunks of uke for a long time. limp bits of uke flailing around at the end of a limb of yours, especially held still, doesn't look good. The following is less of a flaw, but still a flaw in my books. You see, only few dismemberment combinations work well. These are mainly decaps, splits and combinations of these, called splitcaps, or single strikes that dismember several joints, wherever you manage to do that. What I mean to tell you here is that either you've got to do one strike, dismember once well and with style, or demolish uke completely. Anything in between looks unfinished.
not bad two pose: Not bad indeed! Only very slightly stiff, and there's some ghosting, that's really all I can criticize in this replay. Again, standing is a great way to pose any replay, now if you just could make it look just a tad flashier. It seems that you are more of a natural with one hit replays that combos. I was the opposite. Maybe you should focus on that for a while and let the combos come when they may. Often I just notice after, say, kicking uke's head off from a handstand (which I rarely do, but that's just what came to my mind), that my elbow's contracted, pec extended and I'm perfectly situated to hit the freshly decapitated uke in the nuts, dismembering one or both of his legs.
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9 Karsurus kneefix.rpl (112.7 KB, 7 views)
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Thank you so much for going into such an in depth analysis

The first one, was my first ever attempt at head passing, so whilst i originally intended to send it farrr far away, i thought i'd try passing first.

No excuses, i do have a rather annoying knack for nub clapping *hangs head*

This was the product of 20 minutes free time and boredom, so it was never going to be a good replay. I will however remember your advice, I've actually always wondered how to get a properly executed knee kick, and your advice will come in handy. thank you

ahhh, rawrrr I decided i wanted to make another decap kick, but see if i could do it backwards, in a small space....did that. I then went back to the replay a week later, and worked on the finishing moves. The actual pose at the end, I'm not ashamed to say, was an accident, and I've found no way to hold the balance if i try to stop the or the other, I'd take the stance.

I just remade this one, and you're right the name is misleading :') What i meant too say was "redone" as before, i never had the decap kick.

I was beginning to think that myself, what i've actually been doing is branching out from my usual one hit dismemberments, and into the combo replays. But thank you for your advice, I greatly appreciate your comments

I forgot, give me your thoughts on this. The part at the end is the worst, i actually look to stop dead for a few seconds before Tori actually gets the power to rip Uke, meh.

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I do have a reputation for being thorough with my comments.

I'm afraid I didn't like simples too much. It lacks flow. You also seem to hold all a few frames after the second dismemberment. Other than that, there are no major flaws, it just seems to advance in segments, always having a sketchy-looking segment in between. I (among many, but it's still a matter of preference) personally don't like tapkicks, meaning contracting the knee right after landing a kick, which gives it an unrealistic sharp but effortless motion. Ripping is very hard to do without looking unrealistic. It has to seem like you're constantly making progress, but still not too easy. That's a common characteristic of a Toribash common mistake, it's easier to do and effective, but doesn't look good and/or realistic.
I refuse to grab.
Like CnC? Most people do. Be a dear and spread the love!