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Breaking rules is bad
4 flames have been added. We are taking TC and items but we only accept GOOD offers. As of today, we take USD!

We are open for buissness. And we take request. *adding to thread when I get on my computer and make the form*


Correction, 6 new flames.
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Breaking rules is bad
Bump} New flames added and epic packs! We are adding at least 2 flames each day! New art has been added also!
Breaking rules is bad
nice shop, but you need to work on some 60k to 80k flames ^^

also try adding a enviroment flame
It's Mr.AkumaBeast for you! oh and...
Check my inventory if you wish to buy flames.
Ty a lot for the advice Akama i will take it in consideration ^^.

Coming SOON Particle Texture Art.
Cool flames. Can you change colors on them or have you already forged them?
Also, you don't take requests, or?

Yeah all my flames can be recolored. Even forged ones. ^^ We are epic. <3

And yes we do take request. Do you have one?
Breaking rules is bad
BUMP) particle flames have been added!!!!!!! Get them while they are cheap!
Breaking rules is bad