hi i must say .wow this shop is great

this Inferno flame looks very cool

but atm i have no tcs. can u wait few days?
Thank you, me and Element really like organization and perfection, if you may, I'm the grammar Nazi, Elements the Graphics designer.

I absolutely can. I'll save it as a reservation, For free.
Breaking rules is bad
hi is it possible to get both hands flames (colour=void) but the thing is i want them with ability to recolour with flame particle and i am willing to pay bi giving all texture trails and a flame : dragon_magnetism_rh (it is magnetism flame from here
it costs at t1forge 70k but it is different colour (dragon or other called pink)
forged by fnugget) so that is what i am willing to pay for both flames that means 70k + (texture trails shop price 35k x 4=140k)140k=210k
OH I AM SO RUDE I DIDNT EVEN ASK IF IT is possible to pay by items (if yes just answer to my post and i will say what flames i want to be)
Do it with style or don't even bother doing it.
Barreta: At the moment we are not accepting items as payment method but in a future we will. At the moment what i can tell you is that you could try to sell those items and get the Tc, we are more then happy to see that people like our shop and we will do anything to make our customers happy. With that said we can make any request possible so if your able to get like 140k - 160k we will be able to make your to flames worth the price.Regarding the color of the flames if you are thinking of recoloring a flame with particle i will like you to have this in mind, Flame particle change the color of all your flames so what this means is that if you have 3 flames black and one blue they wont look the same color my recommendation is to get all your flames of the same color, the easiest color to use with particle texture are Void flames.I hope i had give you all the information you ask for and i hope you can sell those items and come back ^^.
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thank you

Happen to know when you are getting the TC?
Breaking rules is bad
Oh okay, by any chance do you speak Spanish? I think you do cause of your name, Callejon means Street lurer. :P
Breaking rules is bad