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Windows 7, Vista or XP
I love all of them but if I had to choose out of the three of them I would pick 7.
What about you?
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Maybe Vista?
Btw, I'm still using Windows XP and i'm happy.
I like XP more than Vista and Seven
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Vista is completely in the shadow of 7, IMO, whereas xp still has the compatibility advantages over windows 7 for a few programs.

So I think 7>XP>Vista. Well it's more like 7>XP, cuz I think if you are thinking about upgrading from xp, you might as well just get 7.
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Windows 7 of course. It has the nice looking renders on it and has many great features.
But, I did like the old complicated ways of XP.
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Although currently my main box uses Vista and I am lazy to up it.

Also fun fact here, the major Aussie ISP is swapping its boxes and farms over to 7, over from XP. Although I doubt its 'nux will be changed :3
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7. Random thing I discovered the other day; Vista was just a major beta for W7. I dont know if it's true or not but I would believe it.

Well yes and no. Vista got some of the features that were being design for the initial project for Windows 7. But it didn't worked that well, proof is the small lifespan for windows vista. After 2 years and its time to go.
Longhorn (windows vista's codename) was released too early. It was a major flop I'm afraid.
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