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I didn't defrag my computer for six years. Just did it the other week when I reformatted and it was at 4%.

Well 4% is what you get after the fresh install. Lol when you format your disk, it wipes the filesystem table, so it doesn't take into account the old stuff that was in there before (the stuff will still be there if you use an undelete software though, but it will be ignored by the operative system and will be overwritten as needed). And even if you made some backups, then what you copied back to the disk after the format got written nicely and clean to the disk again, instead of mimicking the old fragmented structure.
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So i was just like ohshi... I haven't defragged my computer in a year and was wondering why it was so slow before. I finally figured it out. 19.2% fragmented... of 2TB. It helped a LITTLE BIT.
I tried running a defrag on my shit computer. I left it on for 15 something hours, when I got back to it it was only at 34% completion.

fuck it
less than 1% frag here, just restacked and defragged. Tis a beautiful thing to have no fragments and a perfectly stacked disk.
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oh god this makes me wanna defrag,how did u manage to get so much unneeded data?

Fragmentation has nothing to do with unneeded data.
It has to do with the way the data is stored structurally (including important data and system files)
If a file can't find a large portion of continuous free space to be stored, it will be split and stored throughout the free spaces it can find... So when you need to access that file, the HDD will have to seek out for all these separated parts, which will take more time than reading the data straight away when its not fragmented...
"There is enough on earth for everybody's need, but not for everyone's greed." - Mohandas Gandhi
Well just ran the analyzer.

Of my four partitions:
C: 0%
D: 0%
F: 0%
G: 0%

Scheduled defrag FTW :]
I wish it wasn't regular though, cuz I was truly curious to see how bad my own was. BTW, the pc I referenced earlier was on XP, and didn't have any automatic defrags. I think it's a windows 7 default. *shurgs*

Yeah, did you defrag your pc yet OP? Wonder how long that woulda taken :]
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