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Iphone Or Ipod?
i want to buy one but im not sure which of them.
I am interested in games so...

What do you think, ipod or iphone?
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iPod as in...ipod touch, classic, shuffle or nano?

If you want games then your choices will be iPhone, vs iPod touch. There are games for nano and classic, but they are waaay limited and not as great. LOL @ gaming on nano :P

You should give more info on what you'll be using it for too, what your budget is, what's your carrier, data plan and stuff. The iphone will cost about $2000 over the contract, but if you already have a smartphone (voice+data) you might as well, once they release the new gen of iPhones later this month. You shouldn't buy anything till then, cuz the new gen is gonna be REALLY nice. Insanely large pixel count, 960x640 (330dpi, higher density than any other phone, will look like print almost), smaller form, better camera, faster processor. The iPods will be updated a few months later.

Can't really recommend anything without more info though.
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