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My battery life?!
I've had mah CompaQ Presario CQ61 laptop for a year, now whenever I take it out of the charger the battery life is like 1.5hrs instead of 3.5hr wtf happened?
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Wish the search button was back. But here's the reason.

Another person had a problem when he took the charger out it shut off.

Batteries can get shorted, and can live for a shorter time until it's finally dead. At some point, you need to get a new one.
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Your battery is probably lithium. When you have a lithium battery, the first thing you have to do is use up all the battery. Then, you charge it. If you charge it when the battery is not used up, the battery life will stay at where it was when you first got it, and it will say that its full charge. But, its not.
Li-Ion batteries usually lose their lifespan after a while...my sister's laptop used to stay on for like 2 hours and now it's down to 20 mins...but it also depends on how you recharge them.
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