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Practical solution...
Hey, I have one suggestion for forum that's on my mind quite some time, but I always forget to actually suggest it.

When users click on Official clans link, we get a huge list that we have to scroll down to find a clan DSC. Then you click on clan name and you get on their DSC.
Well, that's not really practical.

If you look how Official Organisation are set up in the black window above, with all quick-links to orgs there (so you don't have to scroll and look through pages to get to org first page) it's obvious that that 'setup' can be used for quick linking to Official clan's DSCs.

Make same quick-link for clans, above the actual list, so me and other user can just click on the clan name there and get to their DSC much quickly.

The official clan list is at the top of clan discussion board:

You can also bookmark the board for quicker access