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SkypePro's replay thread
Alright, so this will be my replay thread. This is where I will post all of my replays, even if they suck horribly.

Almost three years later, thought it'd be cool to bump this and use it as my thread as of now.

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7 years later
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#Class 2 - 2 D.M.rpl (85.1 KB, 255 views)
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Tricking with bu11:
This was my first tricking attempt at all, and I decided to do it online...
Turned out alright!

Me vs. Takayshi SPAR:
This was a spar I did with Takayshi, but he had to go at the end, so I had to edit the last kick in. (The attempted posing at the end was just me messing around.)

First Madman:
This was my first attempt at a "madman"....

Remember, I am still a beginner, so CnC is greatly appreciated.
But seriously, these are like my first replays that I have actually liked.
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Tricking With Bu11 - Epic.rpl (743.6 KB, 23 views)
#Skype - first madman.rpl (147.3 KB, 26 views)
i dont like cnc-ing spars or tricking, madman is more of my strong suit. owo

first madman- this is actually not bad for a first madman. though i suggest instead of kicking without a DM, you edit it and make sure every hit gets the bam. you know? but all in all not half bad.
replays pls cnc me
Thanks for cnc on "madman".

Anyways, here is a spar I just did with kousta360 (or something like that) we were going to turn it into a tricking replay, but then we managed to save it, and it was a spar.
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Me vs. kouta360 [Spar] - Draw.rpl (655.0 KB, 20 views)
First mad man: This is great for a first madman. You're pretty smooth, not much wrong. Just try and be a bit more creative

Me vs. Takayshi: Decent run, but you should do some spars from 500 distance without running. nice acrobatics, and decent hits, just try to be smoother in SP and you'll look nicer in spars

Tricking: Not bad. Stiff, but it's creative. You stay on your feet pretty well.

Me vs. kouta360: Again stiff, but you're new to this kind of stuff. I think you need to work on your flow, and spend less time flipping, and more time fighting. The hits that you did get were nice. Decent spar, especially for somebody fairly new to it. Nice job
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you should definitely work on balance you cant just jump for the hole thing work on getting into a stable position then try throwing more than one punch from that position
Thanks for the CnC guys.
I took to note what you said SruX, and I worked on balance in this replay.

I think I did a cork, not sure.

We ended it short because he had to go to some kickbox training.

Ok, seeming that I decided to enter the monthly opener challenge, I thought I would share it with you guys!

Yes, there is a typo in the title. Deal with it.
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Me vs. birno [Spar] - won [E].rpl (353.2 KB, 14 views)
Monthly Opener Challegne #8.rpl (128.4 KB, 15 views)
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I made welcome to uranus V1 and the pose twitched a lot more than V2.
Welcome to uranus.
Well, has it been 24 hours?
I made this replay in attempt to increase my flow....
Made it in like 15 minutes.
10 minutes on the actual kick itself
and 5 minutes making the spins not look like tori was twerking.
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#Skype - Welcome to uranus V2.rpl (222.1 KB, 19 views)
#Skype - short & simple.rpl (76.7 KB, 13 views)
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I like the madman itself but like others have said, you're stiff in the replay. Try to relax more to get some speed and fluency, also I don't mean to always be relaxed. hold your joints and relax your joints to make a good replay. If you hold to much you are stiff. You relax to much, you look a bit weird.