I thought: Why not try tricking?

So yeah, just did my first cork, the setup didn't didn't give me much momentum but I think that I executed the cork itself pretty decent.
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A wild cork appears.rpl (120.3 KB, 40 views)
It was good but i prefeer if you keep your chest in place while you cork, it gives more sense of fluidity. I recomend you try to polish that setup before you move on to the main trick.
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Soo, just want to keep this thread alive, so here's a shorter replay

I'm pretty busy with the Book of Records atm ^^
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Basic spinning.rpl (172.1 KB, 35 views)
Made this using the opener of the TWC #51, thought it looked pretty good and clean so I wanted to share it. (Also because I don't want to have too long intervalls between my replays)

Edit: I should've added that the double knee dm is indeed hacked. So the focus should be on the other hits.
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how the fuck did you get that doubleknee
slick skeet too
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really impressive, very smooth and that double knee was amainzing
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*cough*doublekeneewashacked *cough*

However, that skeet was something out of this world. Really beautiful.
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New replay. I like it, it just bothers me that I didn't find a way to make a boom there.
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