Tricking isn't my field of expertise, but it's fun
cnc is always returned.
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[SP] [T] Showtime v2.rpl (347.2 KB, 17 views)
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bro, i usually dont like tricking replays but that was sick.
the only problem i had was the weird and small but noticeable pause-y things during the pose. but i still love the replay. 9.9999999999998/10
replays pls cnc me
Thanks for the cnc. I didn't notice that little flaw in the posing part
Thanks for pointing it out, i've fixed it and re-uploaded it.
Here is a MP tricking replay that I edited about half way through.
Enjoy, and don't forget to cnc!
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[SP] [T] Pug.rpl (745.7 KB, 18 views)
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i cant really give CnC on trickin replalys cuz i suck at trickin but i enjoyed the replay ^-^
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