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Havu: Low Belt Swag
So i made a thread.

CnC is appreciated and such.

The first replay is my second ever madman, and first in like a year or so. I know the jump is horrible, i might remake it when i got time and dedication.
The 2nd replay is my first ever intentional cork (i accidentally corked when i was sparring with a random guy like 6 months ago, lel).
Some more tricking.
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Mom gimme soup plz.rpl (135.0 KB, 25 views)
corketi cork.rpl (117.5 KB, 22 views)
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CnC would be nice

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Where my Soup at yo?

Hey, I asked for chicken soup not pea soup >_>

Who even eats Pea soup

Where's my CnC at yo?

Hey, I asked for CnC, not a bad joke

Who even makes such bad jokes?