yeah i did near the end i cant even toribash anymore

been a bit busy but i made an opener and i have no idea what to do with it
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Giving a "hand" for skeets.
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here,finished it,but it is BUGGED
i hate this so much
monokuma ftw

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here's something that i can't keep up with
+ added a new ending
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Giving a "hand" for skeets.
this opener is simple,and stiff af
kick could get both pecs
the hand changes was good used,however you could do something(a boom kick,or even a powerful looking hit)
last boom was ok,i was waiting the crotch,but it was good
ended stiff...wtf
i guess you shold try to make some more "action" during the replays to make them looks cooler and enjoyable
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opener was ok but i wich you did another spin before dms
first hit was alright
really liked the using of grab and spinz
the hit after that was ok
boom was sick
the opener was ok
the kick was eh
the grab switch was cool
the first miss kick was iffy, couldve hit something
the pec kick was ok
the boom couldve gotten one more dm i think
the pose was eh
6/10 the replay wasnt that good sorry