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Caes' Replay thread
Icons -
[T] - Tricking
[S] - sparring
[P] - Parkour
Pretty simple huh.

Some of my old spars and Tricking...

Please comment :3

The spar with Hyro is also In complete, he had to go

And lets see how much hate I can get :3
Latest Replay is the last one....

Its pretty shit, ik...

please go easy on me....
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CaesiumHyro [T S].rpl (247.1 KB, 8 views)
Caesium [T].rpl (101.1 KB, 8 views)
Caesium [PK].rpl (1.14 MB, 8 views)
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Caesium [PK].rpl :Ok, you should work more on your run, the first trick was good but the following ones weren't that good. Your steps look a bit forced, try to keep your momentum while running and also try to steep with you full foot instead of just the tip. Something that would help is using lower frames, or at least shift-spacing a bit more
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