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'Lo folks. I thought I'd contribute a little something to the list of awesome replays you've got going here; The Sub-Zero trick. Grabbing the other guy's head with a little straddle jump, swinging both legs up to saw both the arms right off from thje shoulders, then kicking the back hard enough to send the head popping off, spine still attached.

Obviously, it's significantly harder to pull off on a multiplayer game - There's a small chance I end up throwing at least two of my own limbs off in the process. :

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Re: Sub-Zerowned.
That looked so awesome, I decided to make something for you...
If your desktop is bigger, let me know and I will make a bigger one (max 1280x1024 unfortunately).


[54 seconds render time]

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I has a flavour
Re: Sub-Zerowned.
good news veteran, that resolution isnt max

go render>edit settings/render> and edit the default.ini
now you can add any resolutions you like