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Galaxy's replay thread

Sup, I'm Galaxy, joined up a while ago, recently got back into single player replays. I like tricking, used to run the Tricktionary alongside Chilledon.

Here's a replay, I'll be posting more soon, any CnC would be appreciated, thanks.

Note: I think it's a 720 twist, honestly don't remember most tricking nomenclature. Forgive me if I mislabel anything.
Here's the beginning of a quick manipulation replay, I plan on editing from around frame 825 and reworking the "roll", I'm really digging that movement. Figure that'll be a good position to get a good push upwards where I can start posturing for some big booms:
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720 Twist.rpl (157.1 KB, 15 views)
Manipulation 1.rpl (147.4 KB, 10 views)
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hey, cool to see you're back! surprisingly you haven't lost all that much skill at all considering you've been gone for fucking years. you should definetly finish that manip, it's looking pretty good.
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been trying to get into tricking recently and discovered you in the tricktionary, sick you came back, love your style, i feel like that manip is shaping up to be nice af.
Saint is not back baby, join easy. Check out my replays http://forum.toribash.com/showthread...72#post8580272 .