on gainerhooks u raised ur arms too early in the launch of the backflip losing height making it harder for ur next trick.
ur also really stiff during the backflips which doesn't look the best.
i like the swing(idk if it is)
stiff during the trick,
the scoot could use some work.

I like the swing and u keep good form during it,the gainerhook is better than mine considering i suk at gainer tricks.
ur lumbar throughout until ur in setups is okay
form is okay
i like the replay
3/5 or 6/10 for me
glad to see new trickers
Damn nice combos in "letsfuckinggo.rpl". nice added head movements, its different i don't see it too often, adds some flavor to your style. The tricks were nice and quick and combo'd/flow'd together good! I hope to see more tricking replays from you, i always love watching tricking stuff.
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Probably gonna continue this at some point, I'm really happy with the dub and recovery at the end though

This is the nuttiest replay I've seen on the tread by far.
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