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tb weight lifting challenge
Kind of a dumb but fun idea.
It's very simple: there's a box, you just have to lift it up. it's valid if it does not touch the ground. We just change the box's weight to see who can lift heavier.

my record is 0.25, replay attached
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Do you feel "Replays" would be a more suited board for this thread?
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[7:19 PM] Aliosa: Can't have loopholes if there are no loops.

[9:14 AM] Viddah: Just remember if you step on toes youre gonna have to suck on them to make the pain go away
[9:16 AM] [Faux_fan]ancient: put me in the screenshot
now that you say it I think yea, seemed more offtopic to me at first

moved upon request. ~list
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