Steam Account is: dr0m1n4d0

Username is: CrEaTuRe
I play Dc Universe online: xtaykx
Fucking smooth.

Add me I don't have any bought games to add you all :/
But in all reality... I think I might be insane...
Shocking, I know.
I'm a little bit of a trader in TF2, so you'll see me playing TF2 a bit often.
That guy named Poppo
You know, the leader of Fyre.
Okay, I'll leave my steam name here aswell...
But probably nobody cares about that anyways.
It's Arturix3. How unexpected, is it...
I have quite a wide range of games in my library. A lot of them are multiplayer aswell.
Some of them: Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Magicka, Counter-Strike: GO and a lot more ;-; (i.e. Worms: Reloaded xd)
art board mods: if they dont understand it its not cnc
Games: CS:GO, GTA4, GTA4 EFLC, CoD BO2, TF2, Dota 2(but I do not play this)
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