Cs go
Heroes & generals some times
[00:07] <BlueEvil> Violets are blue, roses are red, all the time i say this, delayer gets wet.
Well, some time ago i changed my steam name.
I'd suggest to everyone put the Steam names with direct links to their account, this would make it easier to find someone(without having to add 1k people with the same name)
Anyways, my acc:
games: Tf2, Toribash and Cry of Fear
discord: victortb#9592
uhh guess I'll give mine.

Primarily play TF2 but do sometimes play csgo...sometimes. So if you want to have a blast with ol stoney in TF2, hit me up
ishi - "I'm Hampa's Bitch Slappin' Hand"
I'm so proud Sparky