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Stronghold 2 HD (now with steam multiplayer!)
Hello my fellow toribashians, i am not entirely sure how known this series actually is but i guess i try to make a post anyways.
also this is mostly about Stronghold 2 as its released soon.

Lets start off with a lil history and what its about:
Stronghold 2, originally released in 2005 is an RTS in the middle ages where you are the lord of a little piece of nothing and build up your castle with quite a few sorts of fortifications to your liking.
To do this you need to gather a handfull of ressources, like wood and stone for buildings, iron for weapons, aswell as different sorts of food, because your peasants want to have a variety in their diet to be really happy.
But also alot more, like candles for your churches which are made from bee wax etc. etc.

it plays like a rather typical RTS, tho you dont need to be fast like in starcraft 2, the key aspect of stronghold 2 is the proper economy build up, so you have enough money, to build an army, to siege an enemy's castle.
whilest also building up yours to be as well defended as possible.

its all about, build up good economy > get army > start siege > eventually loose cause enemy castle is too well defended > get sieged > loose because your castle is crap
(thats how it happened to me back in the day lul)

Firefly studios announced a while back that they are planning to make HD remakes of their old titles and recently they announced the release dat for the Stronghold 2 HD edition on steam. with a steam multiplayer as the original one got shut down in 2013.

5th October 2017
so to top it off, everyone who already owns stronghold 2 on steam will get the HD version for free.

personally i will be playing the shitton out of this game the upcomming weeks. so if someone is planning to play some aswell its likely we meet in multiplayer.

for everyone who just now remembers this game(s) existed, i can only recommend to buy the Stronghold collection on steam, which includes all their titles but the newest one (Stronghold crusader 2)


if you buy it now, you will also get the HD version of stronghold 2 in 2 days. for free.

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