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After certain events that happend, i more or less "had to" Cancel Corrupted Realm. But that wasn't a failure, as I was able to use the experience gained from that project to make an even better game.

Introducing: Hexmight!

It in theory is the same game as Corrupted Realm, only with a different Artstyle and more aspects on how I want it to be.

Hexmight is a 3D Voxel-Styled Game with RPG and Roguelike Elements, developed by a small team - HydraxGames.

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As usual, this thread will not be used as some kind of Newsletter. If you'd like to receive frequent peeks and news, join our Discord or follow our twitter!

These Features are not all implemented yet!
Each Equipment Piece has it's own "Might" value which adds with all of your other equipped items together into your "Total Might". This Total Might can be used to unlock certain things and to measure your strength.

Procedural Generation
All Worlds are Procedurally Generated and by that always different.

Different Worlds
Different Worlds exist, each with their own theme, enemies, and difficulty.

Use your unlocked items to customize the character with Hairs, Hats, Colors and more!

Find and collect Resources around the Worlds to forge your own Gear!

The Game is very performance-friendly as it uses mostly low Poly Models (Voxel Models), Mostly just 1 Texture(Greatly decreases Batching), configurable Graphic settings(Allowing to turn the graphics extremely low)

Grab your friend and level with him through those enemies or fight him in a PVP Match.

Get a few Companions following you around your adventures! They have their own abilities to help you get through the dangers(for example healing)

Base Building
If you're not out in the Hex-Worlds right now, slaying Creatures, you can enjoy decorating your own little base!

14 Stats to work on expanding, getting stronger!

Spice up Combat with some sweet Class-based Skills!

Choose from Classes before starting your adventure. Each Class has their own Skills and use different Weapon types.





Equipment Sets


When will I be able to play the game?
Pre-Alpha Version will be avaible as soon as actual Gameplay exists. ( meaning a roughly playable version of the game)

How much will the game cost?

Required or Recommended Specs?
Unknown yet.

How can I contribute to the Game?
You can help make development faster by offering your skills! Another way would be to help model Voxel Modells, anyone can do that!

Other Screenshots:


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Damn dude, I'm impressed. It looks amazing so far! Keep up the fantastic work.
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Kinda reminds me of Trove in a way. Also, will we see a change in the character's animation? Looks a little rigid and kind of aggressive. Can't wait to see more updates!
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Aw man that sucks Corrupted Realm didnt work out, I was pretty hyped for that. This looks even more awesome though! keep up the good work man I'll definitely be following the progress
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The similiarities between voxel games like StoneHearth, Trove, , cubeworld etc. Is sadly unavoidable ^^

I'll definitly work on the animations and height level transitions in the future to make them smoother and more fluid, I just thought I should work on other more important things first.

Thanks for all of the positive comments!
What genre of gaming will this be? I'm interested to try it out when it's in Alpha.
All black fit wit' the black nails
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What genre of gaming will this be? I'm interested to try it out when it's in Alpha.

Roguelike, Rpg
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How do you expect this to succeed when there's a million games like it already?

That's an interesting question, but I don't expect to compete with any of the bigger titles out there. It's a simple hobby I like to do. However it's not like it's a copy of another game, atleast I don't know any other Roguelike RPG's ...