Hello....too inactive 4 me, your activity up plez.
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hello, im the new member of (boom) and i am totally not new here (sarcasm)

anyway,lets have a clantourney in lenshu3ng.

the winner will get some tcs.

will be after new years eve.

exact time and date will be announced here.

p.s.: u all better make some good exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha, lol

I'm totally not pleased to have you in our clan (sarcasm)

sooo everybody says ello to our new member bwHusky!

Sounds like there's a tourney incoming so guys... take care!

P.s.: We all give our best and do what we can do!
Meh, too inactive, not even ONE member other than the creator himself is posting, sorry but bye.
This friday 9.1.2015 i will do a lenshu3ng-tourney for all BOOM - members.

It will start at 7 pm UTC +1

The winner will get 10k,the second 5k.

The room will be named boom.

Hope to see you guys there.
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