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Torigod Herculeis
The Gods of Toribash have kept to the higher realms of Tori for centuries, observing the young crowds of to-be Master Toribasher's. The 3 highest ranked Torigods oversee the realms, keeping things stable and in order. Herculeis, Hasorath and Kolvatros. All wielding powers unknown to Tori, Hasorath wielded the strength of 50 Realms, Kolvatros was extremely quick, able to behead a Tori with the flick of the wrist. Herculeis wilded both Hasorath and Kolvatros's powers, but had on unique power to himself. He had the power to flip and spin through the most vicious opponents. Herculeis was sick with power, destroying his opponents. He fled from the higher kingdoms and broke into the Tori realms to show the Tori's what true power was...

Naaah :lol: Ignore the epic intro, my names Herculeis. Ive been playing Toribash on and off for a while now, but i finally decided to get community active! Im not the best, some could say im a 'noob' and i accept that, but im willing to get better! So im coming out from under the shroud of darkness and showing people of the community i exist! Im willing to join any clan, and im willing to take in any advice. Ill be posting more from now on so look for me!

Currently strategically plotting points of a mannequin to create an intricate flow of moves to rip someone's head off