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E=MC2. Mass*velocity.

you might want to remember that when your going for a dismember, (say you want to split a guy in half) try to get your hand (or foot) between his torso, and hit it hard

basic physics, guise

"i wish i could do that ken watanabe face where his eyes are really wide" -siku 2015
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[15:12] -->| Gostonsol ([email protected]) has joined #toribash
[15:12] <Gostonsol> Im really upset
[15:12] <Gostonsol> Who here has shaders?
[15:12] <Gostonsol> FNugget: Hello
[15:12] <FNugget> .
[15:13] <Gostonsol> FNugget: You have shaders, right?
[15:13] <FNugget> yes
[15:13] <Gostonsol> FNugget: Look, it would be great if you record some replays for me and send them back to me so i can edit.
[15:13] <Gostonsol> Please?
[15:13] <FNugget> uhm, thats a lot of data to transfer, so no
[15:14] <Gostonsol> =(
[15:14] <Gostonsol> Im really upset
[15:15] <Gostonsol> FNugget: Then, if i just send the....never mind then!
[15:15] <Gostonsol> :(
[15:15] -->| Miska ([email protected]) has joined #toribash
[15:18] <Gostonsol> Miska: Do you have shaders?
[15:18] <Miska> yep, why?
[15:19] <Gostonsol> Well, im really Upset
[15:19] <Gostonsol> I wanted my cousin to record some of my replays but he wouldnt respong
[15:19] <Gostonsol> Respond*
[15:20] <Gostonsol> miska: Could you please do it, then send it back to me?
[15:20] <Miska> record?
[15:20] <Gostonsol> Miska: Yer....With...Fraps
[15:20] <Gostonsol> PLEASE
[15:20] <Gostonsol> You would save the day
[15:21] <Miska> sorry, but i think i can't . i thought that you need some sc reenshots or something. i don't know how to record ^^
[15:22] <Gostonsol> Fraps
[15:22] <Gostonsol> DAMN!
[15:22] <Gostonsol> IM FUCKED
[15:22] <FNugget> ...
[15:23] <Gostonsol> Sorry for swearing, im not suppost to cuz of my age
[15:23] <FNugget> 15 seconds of raw fraps at 1280 720 is 120 MB
[15:23] <FNugget> 53 seconds is 429 MB
[15:23] <Gostonsol> =(
[15:23] <FNugget> do you realize what you're asking?
[15:23] <Gostonsol> NO!
[15:24] <FNugget> recording replays for someone else pretty much means they would be sending you 2 or 3 DVD's
[15:24] <Gostonsol> Or you can just make the vid for me ? ;)
[15:24] <FNugget> worth of information
[15:24] <Miska> lol
[15:24] <FNugget> yeah, how much TC do you have?
[15:25] <Gostonsol> FUCK YOU MAN!
[15:25] <Gostonsol> Sorry.....
[15:25] <Gostonsol> Im just pissed off
[15:26] <Gostonsol> Record it or ill kill myself
[15:26] <Gostonsol> As simple as that
[15:27] <Gostonsol> huh
[15:29] <FNugget> doesnt effect me, now does it
[15:29] <m0ostafa> FNugget: but the guilt
[15:29] <m0ostafa> !
[15:29] <FNugget> but teh slavery
[15:30] <FNugget> even US court doesnt force labor even if it was part of contract that was breached
[15:30] <Gostonsol> BYE, im afraid thats the last of me

He really wanted that video :(


<GalkaTB> What the fuck are you doing?
<GalkaTB> You're drunk or what?
<hanz0> Who are you and what are you talking about
<GalkaTB> About ban?
<GalkaTB> Explain me it NOW!
<GalkaTB> -1
<hanz0> 1. Threatening/shouting/whatever doesn't help too much.
<hanz0> 2. I don't get drunk.
<hanz0> 3. I'm guessing you're Dumbellman, in which case, paying for what you get is a good idea, as opposed to saying that you're not going to pay because you're "not afraid of mods".
<GalkaTB> and?
<GalkaTB> If all toribash community is damn wrong I will leave this game and take some players with me.
<GalkaTB> If it's not you know.
<hanz0> See, somehow that doesn't seem like much of a threat.
<GalkaTB> Damn you
<GalkaTB> You will pay for this.
<hanz0> k


"i wish i could do that ken watanabe face where his eyes are really wide" -siku 2015
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I approve of your usertitle hanz0. Also:

"hoodz or nuthin" thread
Please excuse what our dipsh*t member said(spartalol).
He is one of the lesser intelligence in the clan.
We will take what he said into consideration.
Please take this into consideration also-
Check out our clan in about a week.
Please excuse what he said again.
[Hoodz] This clan is epic

Oh good, did I get it right? O:

"i wish i could do that ken watanabe face where his eyes are really wide" -siku 2015
if you love america please sign this petition
Dumbellman is funny.

<Dumbellman> He's your clan leader, eh?
<Dumbellman> Not impressive.
<Rittozora> You're so stupid.
<Rittozora> It's hilarious.
<Dumbellman> You're stupid.
<Rittozora> WHAT A COME-BACK
<Rittozora> 'you're stupid'
<Rittozora> 'OH YEAH? AND YOU STINK!'
<Rittozora> etc
<Dumbellman> Fuck you lowlife
<Rittozora> Try harder.
<Dumbellman> Not for you
<Rittozora> Bring a single tear to my manly face.
<Dumbellman> You're shit
<Dumbellman> Fuck off, rat
<Rittozora> That's it?
<Rittozora> Are 'your mother' jokes next?
<Dumbellman> Feel winner?
<Dumbellman> Ha ha
<Rittozora> Erm.
No such nick/channel
<Rittozora> Excuse me.
<Rittozora> It seems you are retarded.
<Rittozora> Please try to make sense.
<Rittozora> We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
<Rittozora> Have a good day.
<Dumbellman> It's not my problem that you're too retarded to damn understand something
<Rittozora> <Dumbellman> Feel winner?
<Rittozora> <Dumbellman> Ha ha
<Rittozora> 'feel winner' is not grammatically correct.
<Dumbellman> And?
<Dumbellman> Are you idiot?
<Rittozora> Once again, I implore you to make sense with your insults.
<Dumbellman> It damn is correct
<Dumbellman> Insults lol
<Rittozora> damn shit retarded fuck and damn
<Dumbellman> And?
<Rittozora> Well.
<Rittozora> I would generically insult you
<Dumbellman> You don't make damn sense
<Rittozora> I could, too.
<Rittozora> but
<Dumbellman> Do it, coward!
<Dumbellman> It's safe
<Rittozora> It wouldn't penetrate that thick skull of yours.
<Rittozora> So.
<Rittozora> Insult me more, for my amusement.
<Dumbellman> So what?
<Dumbellman> No
<Rittozora> Okay.
<Dumbellman> But anyway I have screenshot that you insulted me
<Dumbellman> So you know.
<Rittozora> OH NO
<Rittozora> Are you gonna report me?
<Dumbellman> And you have nothing with me, what are you damn doing?
<Rittozora> To hampa?
<Dumbellman> No I won't.
<Dumbellman> Untill you haven't do the same.
<Rittozora> What.
<Dumbellman> I'll just keep it in my computer for time.
<Dumbellman> Maybe it will be usefull.
<Rittozora> dat's not good
<Rittozora> Because everyone on this community will gasp when they see that I INSULTED ANOTHER MEMBER OH NOOOOOOO
<Dumbellman> And yeah hanzo banned me
<Rittozora> oh wait no one gives a shit
<Dumbellman> And you think that he's damn cool now?
<Rittozora> hanz0 banned you because you broke a rule.
<Dumbellman> What rule?
<Rittozora> And please stop adding 'damn' to things, you obviously don't understand what it means.
<Rittozora> I have no idea, but he doesn't go around banning people for nothing.
<Rittozora> He'd get demoted.
<Dumbellman> How cool
<Rittozora> He doesn't 'have it out for you', by the way.
<Rittozora> Stop thinking you're special.
<Rittozora> You're just a pathetic snowflake in a gigantic blizzard of people.
<Dumbellman> You don't know what I'm thinking
<Dumbellman> And now I'm only trying to get unbanned and get my items back
<Dumbellman> That's all.
<Rittozora> Oh, I remember why you got banned now.
<Dumbellman> Say me
<Rittozora> Because you made that thread in Market.
<Dumbellman> Bullshit.
<Rittozora> You were all 'lol give me stuff for tc'
<Dumbellman> That was normal thread
<Rittozora> Someone did.
<Rittozora> You didn't pay them.
<Dumbellman> And?
<Dumbellman> LOL?
<Dumbellman> You didn't get it
<Dumbellman> I said offer
<Rittozora> He persisted that you payed him.
<Rittozora> You didn't.
<Dumbellman> but he didn't and just sent
<Dumbellman> That wasn't about it
<Dumbellman> Really, you can trust me
<Rittozora> Therefore, hanz0 banned you for not sending him the tc he requested.
<Dumbellman> Shut up
<Rittozora> Or, alternatively, for not sending the items back.
<Rittozora> You starting to get it now, or should I explain it in lame man's terms?
<Dumbellman> You're lame
<Rittozora> ohyeahandyoustink
<Dumbellman> You feel intelectual but you're not even in my level
<Rittozora> Share with me some of your famed intellect, then.
<Rittozora> Because you don't even know how to spell it.
<Dumbellman> Spell what?
<Rittozora> Intellectual.
<Dumbellman> Yeah right lol
<Dumbellman> Feel winner?
<Rittozora> 'feel winner' does not make sense.
<Rittozora> k
<Dumbellman> it does
<Rittozora> It does not.
<Rittozora> You are translating it wrong.
<Dumbellman> Not to you only...
<Rittozora> Heh.
<Dumbellman> About that thread
<Dumbellman> I can for example send you 10 orc bloods
<Dumbellman> And ask 500tc for it
<Dumbellman> but you're afk
<Dumbellman> get it?
<Rittozora> If I recall, it took a while for him to ban you.
<Dumbellman> How?
<Rittozora> You also replied after he said 'give me the tc', meaning you weren't afk.
<Rittozora> And why am I arguing this with you.
<Dumbellman> And I didn't have deal with that f** 
<Rittozora> Rules of Market.
<Rittozora> By posting in Market, you are agreeing to said rules.
<Dumbellman> Rules of market - I can send you items, and you need to send me money?
<Dumbellman> With no deal?
<Rittozora> It is a bit more complex than that.
<Rittozora> And again, you could've sent the items back.
<rittu|afk> If you're still here when I come back, you can make a bigger fool of yourself.
<Dumbellman> You're only fool here

then he left and no more fun :(
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