even if you wanted to, you can't say that on stream.

It's not physically possible.

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

3:24 PM <Rai> send me a pic of you and beattie
3:24 PM <Rai> cus honestly i probably wont recognise either of you when i get there
3:26 PM <hanz0> if you see jackie chan standing around with a skeleton that's probs us
Punchy McFist Airlines: i just had to walk to to the grocery store to buy a single clove of garlic because i'm an idiot
siku: nice
siku: real nice
Punchy McFist Airlines: tried to do self checkout to hide my shame
Punchy McFist Airlines: thing had an error and a cashier had to come help me buy a single clove of garlic
siku: oh my god
siku: hahahahahaahah

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"i wish i could do that ken watanabe face where his eyes are really wide" -siku 2015
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