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Original Post
Duelist Diligence!
Welcome to my 1st major event, Duelist Diligence!

This will be a monthly event, beginning May, 1st of 2021 for anyone having 3,000 QI and above who are confident and daring enough to enter this competition. I'm not sure anything like this has been done before and this IS my introduction into hosting Forum Events, so I'm open to constructive criticism as I'm not quite familiar with this.

Anyway, I'll begin with the Goal of The Event, Rules & Requirements, then The Winners, Ranking, And Prize Pot.

Duelist Diligence Rules & Requirements:

A) If you are doing DUEL MODE, submit your screenshots of the transaction history associated with these duels. This counts towards your score.
B) If it is a "200k first to 3 in ABD, deal?" style of duel submit a SS of the AGREEMENT, SSs of SCORE including the SERVER MESSAGE OF YOUR WIN/LOSS, & proof that the agreed wager was accordingly sent.
C) You will report both won & lost duels to this thread so that I can record & calculate your overall score.

2) This is a FRIENDLY & ENCOURAGING event for us to hone our IN-GAME SKILLS, adopt a RESPECTABLE REPUTATION among our duelists, & of course the TOP 3 WINNERS will have the ULTIMATE bragging rights.

3) One account per participant & you may only participate with the account you enter with.

4) IMPORTANT>>> Event RESTARTS the 1st of every month & within the FIRST WEEK OF EVERY MONTH 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place will be AWARDED. <<<IMPORTANT

5) This is a DUELIST event & I recommend you FAMILIARIZE yourself with the OFFICIAL RULES of DUELING in Toribash on the Forums.
Link to SCAM REPORTS RULES + GUIDELINES in Toribash, from here direct yourself to "Duels & Clan Wars":

6) !!! ENTRY FEE of 20k TC sent to my Alt which will act as The Prize Pot for Duelist Diligence, " MoonSick “. This will go 100% toward The Prize Pot for our TOP 3 DUELISTS of The Month. !!!

7) Once you've sent 20k TC to MoonSick as your ENTRY FEE, reply to this thread with "I've sent 20k to MoonSick and I'll submit my duel records for scoring." in order to verify participation.

8 ) Accounts under 3,000 QI aren't eligible to participate in Duelist Diligence.

9) By replying with the message I stated verifies your participation in this event, you understand failure to submit your duels (win or lose) renders you eligible for disqualification. As this could be a way to avoid losing score and scheme your way to the top 3.

10) 20 participants maximum, as I will be attempting to single-handedly operate this event. Consequently also making the maximum TC added to The Prize Pot from ENTRY FEEs 400k TC.

The Winners of The Month, The Ranking System, and The Prize Pot:

The Winners Cut:
  • 1st place wins 50% of The Prize Pot
  • 2nd place wins 30% of The Prize Pot
  • 3rd place wins 20% of The Prize Pot

The Ranking System:
  • 1/2 of your score will be your earnings, whether it be profits or losses
  • The other 1/2 of your score will be your contributions to The Prize Pot
  • Final scores will be calculated like so: ((Your earnings through duels, TC) x 1/2) + ((Your contributions to The Prize Pot, also TC) x 1/2)

The Prize Pot will consist of:
  • 1) 100% of participants’ ENTRY FEEs
  • 2) 100% of The Prize Pot Contributions
  • 3) 100% of donations to The Prize Pot whether it be TC, Items, or even Art.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be awarded The Prize Pot. Those three will be calculated and decided on the 1st of every month, when Duelist Diligence restarts. The calculations of who ranks top 3 will be based on 1) The participant’s TOTAL earnings & 2) their contributions to The Prize Pot. So, 50% of your score will be how much you’ve earned through duels, as long as they’re reported to me through PM’s on The Forums or DMs on Discord. The other 50% of your score will be based on how much you’ve contributed to The Prize Pot. You could win 2kk in duels and keep your earnings without contributing any to The Prize Pot beyond the 20k Entry Fee, but don’t forget that's only half of your score. By default, everyone who’s participating will have contributed 20k TC, starting you out on a level playing field.
Basically, Those of you who bravely participate will be dueling for the same prize that you each will have paid the same amount of TC for a chance to win. This isn’t your regular old event. This is dueling elevated, I mean seriously, with an ENTRY FEE of 20,000 TC and how the scores are calculated essentially make this one massive duel for one even greater prize and I wish you all the best of luck.
Goodluck out their duelists, and don’t forget to read the rules of dueling please.. I don’t want to see people banned over this event. I want it to stick and rekindle the RESPECTABLE DUELIST Era.

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