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AFTERHOURS-Late Night Bet Events
Welcome back to AFTERHOURS

AFTERHOURS is a betting server type event that I hosted about 7 years ago. The servers will indeed be returning, albeit on a far more casual and irregular schedule.

AFTERHOURS servers consist of unorthodox betting in an unusual mod with no advertised prize for decapitation.

AFTERHOURS servers instead, offer prizes for completing feats of skill that I deem entertaining both to complete and watch.

Expect The Following

Bets occur on the first two turns of a match, be prepared to place your bet instantly.

Self-Betting is only permitted during rare occasions, be prepared to wait your turn like everyone else.

Aikido is never hosted, be prepared for mods you aren't used to playing.

I'm currently hosting AFTERHOURS servers in beg_ballgore.tbm

If you achieve a 5 WIN STREAK, 100,000TC will be transferred to your account

There can be more than one winner per AFTERHOURS event

GOOD LUCK - any winners will be posted below

(Any Questions? Comment below.)

AfterHours Winners [CIRCA 2014]
Event One: Alecx1x
Event Two: Smiles4Fre
Event Three: Huszti
Event Four: madRav3n

AFTERHOURS Winners [2021]

GoofT(x2) - yuga2001 have achieved a 5 streak in beg_ballgore.tbm for a prize of 100,000TC!

Rythm - Rajen - Zack all lost while holding a 4 streak in beg_ballgore.tbm. What a shame.
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