Toribash Season 7
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Want To Join [eVo]?

If you're applying as a replay maker please include 5 replays, if you are applying as a competitive player evaluation would need to be done in-game.
If you have any other special skills you wish to list such as art, mod making, videos, etc. please post some of your work or any information you may seem fit.
Ignoring these instructions and/or poor applications will most likely hurt your chances, please follow and include this information.

The application is located below.





-Past Clans:

-Past accounts/Alt accounts:

-Why do you still play Toribash today?

-What do you hope to achieve, accomplish in the future as a player of Toribash?

-Why do you want to join [eVo]?

-What can you bring to [eVo]?

-Do you have any friends in [eVo]? If so who?
(This does not mean KNOW OF, this means who do you socialize and play with.)

Would you be willing to have a voice chat with [eVo] Members via Discord?

Please tell us some information about yourself, the more the better:

Also include the easiest form of contact, Like Skype, PM, or Discord.

-You can seek us out and get to know us better either In-Game, Forums, or in our Discord.-

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WE ARE the Toxic [Evolution]
I Want to join [Evolution].
Belt:4 dan.
Why you want to join [Evolution]:because i want it!
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Why would u choose Evolution over any other clan?
<DarkJak> Veb does it all the time!

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RONALDS PHAILZ (But still is ownage :3)


I withdraw my application
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I am your god

I would like to join Evolution so I can get tripstone to actually respond to me*

And my in-game name is- wait, why the hell do you need to post your in-game name? Shouldn't your forum name be the same as your in-game name?

*Tripstone was being a nuisance in-game to me by ignoring me. D: So, besides that, I want to join because Evolution is a skilled clan.
Tripstone says: heh
Tripstone says: clanless sucks
masterjepo says: Evolution isn't any better
masterjepo says: Cave man
In-Game Name:Vinny
References: Ninjaslayer
Belt:brown almost black
Why you want to join [Evolution]:I was looking for a good judo clan and ninja saw me play and liked me so he is trying to get me in.
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Lol masterjepo, xD
<DarkJak> Veb does it all the time!

Proud Member of the EMO Org
RONALDS PHAILZ (But still is ownage :3)