Toribash Season 7
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Redo That Move

Hello Toribash Community, welcome to my new monthly event !

Each month I be making a video to present you the new sequence of moves to copy and the previous replays. From that moment, you have 3 weeks to make your replay. Then I start a poll to let the public vote on which replay is the best (if your replay is bad and get the top 3 anyway, I would assume that you cheated, be warned).

- 1 Replay per player.
- Except that when I force you to use a mod, you may freely chose it to get closer as possible as the sequence.
- To be sure that no one will copy your replay, you will have to send it to me on Discord : Mocucha cha cha#1072
- Finish 3 times in the TOP 3 to get a prize.
- You are allowed to hack, use scripts, atmo or whatever that could help you to get a better replay, no limitations, only the result counts!

- Put your Discord here to let me figure out who is who.
- Send me 500 TC (To be sure that each of you get motivation to stay for at least 3 replays. Those TC will be used as a special Prize for winners.)

- Finish 3 times in the TOP 3 to get 5000 TC !
- Finish 3 times FIRST to get all the 500 TC subscriptions + a Random Object !

Presentation of the first scene to copy: 23rd of December 2020 !

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash


You've successfully sent 9830 ToriCredits to Mocucha.

Sent what i had since i have no real use for it.
You are in Xioi.

Better cashprize because of you so Thanks !

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

Love this idea so much! Allowing hacking is such a nice little boost to the small community

Might enter if I find time, but sending 50k for prize pool either way!

You've successfully sent 2000 ToriCredits to Mocucha.

can't wait for this event
Check Out My Channel
You are in Rust. Thanks

The actual special prize is : 12330 TC !
Oh wait, I haven't noticed that Jisse send me 50k TC ! Thanks I will use them for a special thing during the event.
The first sequence to copy is there ! A pretty easy one for the start, except the kick at the end wich can be technical to do correctly.

You have until the 15th of January to polish your replay (and subscribe to the event for that sequence) !
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My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash