Toribash Season 7
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Ghost Transparency
hi, we have realtimeghost / ghost speed / ghost length

could we have a option for ghost transparency? with some toris or in just some scenarios it's so hard to see what a specific joint is doing.

/opt ghosttransparency 0.1-1
what do you mean by it's hard to tell what the joint is doing? isn't there text at the bottom of the screen
toe launch daddy
This post is very old but I believe there is an option in setting called flash joints when joint is clicked it flashes.
use potato graphics. hold/relax and moving joints are different
I hope my boyfriend don't mind it
playing with potato graphics is a very unenjoyable experience

i say make ghosts brighter that would do the trick

obviously you can tell what the joint is doing by reading the text but you don’t SEE how it really movies

or better yet, outline the ghost with a very thin black so that you can see what individual joints and sections are doing

the only problem with this is if you have demon or void colored ghost and to that i say: why use either of them in the first place if you’re trying to see what your ghost is doing lol
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im bumping this because in a game where we’re really only looking at ghosts it’s important to see every body part and how it moves